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Freedom from Sexual Violence


Reflections of CCASA’s work!

Reflections of CCASA’s work!
By Agueda Morgan, CCASA Director of Programs Hi everyone, In the past few weeks, I was able to participate in two different meetings that other state coalitions also attended: the National Sexual Assault Conference and…

Top 10

Each year, the Annual Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference features a "Top 10" list spearheaded by CCASA's Executive Director, Erin Jemison, and this year was no different.  At this year's conference (that happened last week!),…

In the News (Mar. 22, 2014- Mar. 28, 2014)

In the News (Mar. 22, 2014- Mar. 28, 2014)
Another, less congratulatory, response, to the rape scene that appears in the movie version of Divergent (but not the book). Bitch magazine responds to the recent TIME and RAINN stances on rape and why it’s important to keep talking about rape culture. And,…