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In the News (May 9, 2014- May 16, 2014)

Spike Lee regrets the rape scene in “She’s Gotta Have It.”

[Trigger Warning: Denial] Christina Hoff Sommers is pretty convinced that rape culture is “moral panic.” And these authors think asking for consent is too much trouble.

Jessica Valenti on Columbia’s “rape list,” which lists the names of alleged rapists.

Six brothers were arrested for the rape and sexual assault of a minor. The crimes took place over the past decade.

A woman was found guilty of plotting to have a former co-worker  raped.

On getting men to be active bystanders.

A Delhi court has ruled that marital rape is not a thing. Marital rape was still legal in every state until 1976, and in 1991, it was still legal in some states (that is no longer true).

TIME is on it! There are still barriers to reporting rape or sexual assault to the police. “More than half of providers surveyed said non-English speakers had increased difficulty receiving an [rape] exam, partly because of language barriers. In one location, victims who were undocumented immigrants reported forgoing help to avoid the risk of deportation or arrest.”

How states are cutting into funding for victim compensation services (hint: the word “budget” is all over this).

A psychology professor of University of Oregon filed a complaint against the university for violating the Clery Act.

Gillibrand is calling on Obama to back the military sexual assault bill.

[Trigger Warning: victim-blaming] Ugh, this guy gets to be featured in a documentary?

Revictimization of a high school rape victim made public on social media.

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