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Top 3 CCASA Blogs for the Holidays

In the past, CCASA bloggers have shared their own messages and experiences of healing and hope for the holidays.  Below are three posts we love (and know you will, too!) that reflect on the holidays, from the songs we hear to holiday meals with family…

1)  “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” by Michelle Wolff talks about what many survivors of sexual abuse experience: seeing the person who sexually assaulted them at family events over the holidays.  What might you feel?  What can you do?  Michelle talks about all this in a humorous, yet serious, blog for the holidays.

2)  “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by Becky Owens Bullard suggests that the lyrics to that favorite old tune might not be what we realized. Becky looks at the lines of the song and says, “…The song’s two parts were originally written as a ‘mouse’ and a ‘wolf,’ with the male part obviously having the intention of devouring the female in some shape or form.” What? Ok, now you have to read this.

3)  “Surviving the Holidays” by Kemi Chavez talks about her experience of sexual abuse as a child and how that has impacted her experience of family and the holidays.  She shares what she has done, and encourages you to make the choices that will help you the most in your healing.

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