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In the News (Dec. 21, 2013- Dec. 27, 2013)

Six people were charged (and 10 arrested) for the rape of a young woman in India.

15,000 rape kits in Memphis haven’t been tested, and a survivor is suing the city over it.

A high schooler was kicked out after reporting she’d been raped in the band room, for “public lewdness.”

A prosecutor is appealing the decision of a judge to let a rapist with three charges against him avoid any prison time.

There are so many reports (or updates) about sexual assault on minors in the news this week, including this one about sexual assault against juvenile inmates in a Michigan prison and this one about a pediatrician.

Obama signed the defense authorization bill that will hopefully help survivors of sexual assault in the military.

Seattle rapist claims he raped because he is God. A transgender man files suit against a police officer he says assaulted him.

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